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Original french movie posters and documents of the 7th Art

About us / Purchasing guide

Cinema is a passion. Collecting promotional material allows lovers to extend the pleasures of the seventh art. Especially since many posters are true art works, sometimes signed by famous publicists or artists. A poster, a set of photos may also constitute an original gift that will please people you love. Make them happy!

Cine-Songes opens its 10,000 items catalogue, covering much of the history of cinema, such as movie posters, photos and operating documents, press kits and other items in relation with cinema.

All our posters, photos, press kits are original documents. We do not sell any reproduction. Our items come from cinemas stocks and, as promotional objects, some may have been exploited.

The use that has been made of an object and its state of conservation makes it unique. For all these reasons we ask you to be vigilant about the state of the items you are purchasing and we recommend that you read the characteristics associated with each of them. To classify this condition, we created 6 categories:

Brand NewNever hung in a theater. Looks brand new. In most cases with newer releases it is straight from the supplier, through us to you. Excellent state of conservation for the oldest objects.
MintMay have hung in a theater. If the item is rolled, it may have tiny holes in the corner borders and very slight edge wear. If it is folded, it could also have slight creases on the fold lines.
Near MintMay have hung in a theater. If the item is rolled, it may have more than one hole in each border corner. It may also have minor edge wear and slight creasing. If the item is folded, it could also have slight separation along a fold line(s) and slightly more creasing.
Very GoodMore than likely hung in a theater. There will be edge wear and it should have small tears or holes on the border that will not affect the artwork. Each tear should measure no more than one inch. Tiny pieces of border may be torn or missing. The item could have minor fading or condensation wrinkles. There could be some tape marks. If the item is folded, it could have separations in some places along the fold lines.
FairWill have hung in a theater. This item will potentially share all the same characteristics as an item in good condition. There could be larger tears and holes. There may also some bleed through, stains or other defects that could affect the poster's artwork. With restoration these items can be restored to their original shape before framing.
PoorDefinitely hung in a theater. In most cases the item has seen better days. The item could have larger tears or pieces of the poster missing. There could be serious fading. We seldom sell items in poor condition unless they are very rare. Or prices are really really low

Of course, our prices reflect this condition. Generally we are voluntarily tougher than reason regarding the assessment of the status of each object.

For transparency, whatever the item is, we can provide you with pictures in high definition on demand. That will allow you to see by yourself the condition and make your purchase in full knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details on a particular item.

Cine-Songes presents only a part of our stock and we add new items every day. If you do not find a specific item, do not hesitate to contact us: we may have what you are looking for.

Enjoy !


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Welcome! Movies are a passion! Collecting promotional material allows adoring fans to extend their love of this fine art. Many posters are true art works--sometimes signed by famous publicists or artists. Movie posters or photos make unique gifts that please those you love. Original movie posters thrill fans!

Ciné Songes opens its 10,000-item catalogue covering much of the history of cinema with movie posters, photos, operating documents, press kits, and other movie paraphernalia.

All our posters, photos, and press kits are original documents. We do NOT sell reproductions. With a few exceptions, all our documents are French. That makes this shop enitrely unique. Discover our specials today!